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Week #10 of My Liquid Diet: Resistance Training in C Minor

Week #9 of My Liquid Diet: Two Milestones

Week #8 of My Liquid Diet: Urge Surfing

Week #7 of My Liquid Diet: Bad Karma, Until the Ducklings

A Booklet My Dad Made for Me

Week #6 of My Liquid Diet: Saying "No!" to My Brain

Dad's 1st Letter Home: Joy & Exhaustion in Georgia

Week #5 of My Liquid Diet: Running on Empty

Investigating a Family Mystery

Week #4 of My Liquid Diet: Dreaded Plateau!?

Week #3 on My Liquid Diet: A Nightmare (Literally)

After Week #2 on My Liquid Diet: Getting Real

Reflections After My First Week on a Liquid Diet

I Have Begun My Liquid Diet



Too Soon

Pileated and It Feels So Good!

The Russian in Bed No. 6

The Dementia Patient Who Acted Like Trump


"Citizen Brain" Live Onstage ... At Last!

Notes on My 64th Birthday

That Day at the Hospice When No One Was Dying

Three Mom Jokes for Mother's Day

How Jerry Springer Saved My Hospice Shift

Some Jobs My Father Had, and Mostly Lost

The Curious Case of Mama Kite

My Interview with Alan Alda!

Tinnitus: A Love Story

In Praise of My New Hand Truck

My Interview with Michael Tilson Thomas!

Bunny's Ashes

My Interviews with Annie Leibovitz & Helen Mirren!

My So-Called Episcopalian Life

My Interview with Amy Sedaris (& Herman the Bunny)!

Bernice ("Bunny") Selden, 1927-2023

A Note to My Readers

A Minyan of Cedar Waxwings

Lordy, There Are Tapes!

I Was Coppola's Reluctant Cigarette Pack ...

Mr. Clean and the Police Knock

How "Haiku Tunnel" Got to Sundance

An Introduction to "Citizen Brain"

The Dropouts

Grammar Bunny

Grace Faustino

Lunch with Dedan

"No Use Waitin' Till 3!"

"All The Senses Are Tactile"

Paul Kornbluth

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